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How to send your documents or other information to us

We represent a wide variety of people, from the old-fashioned to the tech-savvy.  Once you decide to file a bankruptcy and employ us to help you, we will need a certain amount of documentation from you.  We want to give you options to get those documents to us that best suit your needs and preferences.
If you want to bring us your original tax returns, pay stubs, credit card bills, collection letters, bank statements, and other documents we will need, then we will be happy to take copies and return your originals.
If you want to fax those documents to us, please feel free to do so.  Just call us and let us know to expect your fax so we can confirm to you as those documents arrive.
If you want to send us one or more emails with documents attached, then we will be saving a few trees and maybe some effort on your part and ours.  Here are some suggestions if you want to send us documents in this manner:
1. Remember that no method of sending information, whether by mail, fax, or email, is secure.  If you choose any of these methods, be aware of the risks.
2. We prefer to receive documents in PDF format.  Many documents you can access online, such as bank statements, can be saved as PDF files and then sent to us as attachments.  If you cannot, then rather than printing the document and then scanning it or providing the printed document to us, you can create a PDF with a PDF writer software program.  We recommend CutePDF (  This is a free PDF writer program.  It installs on your computer as a printer.  So, for example, if you are trying to print a webpage (maybe a Blue Book of your car, or a credit card statement), you can choose to Print, then select CutePDF as the printer, and the webpage you are looking at will become a PDF saved to your computer, which you can then send to us by email.

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