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Our Pledge of Excellence

Many people file a bankruptcy by going to a law firm and meeting with a legal assistant for an evaluation and advice. They pay a small fee, rarely meet a lawyer, and never really understand what is happening or what their options are.  That is NOT the way we treat our clients.
At our firm, you will probably spend at least three hours meeting with your attorney before your case is filed.  You will understand your options.  You will understand the lawyer's advice and the reasons for that advice.  You will be invited to move at your own pace.  And while our staff is experienced and helpful, the advice always comes from your attorney.
Here are some ways we think our service is of superior quality:
  • As mentioned, we provide a lot of "face time" between you and your attorney, so he understands your case and you understand everything you need and deserve to know.
  • We practice "practical law," doing what is necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.
  • We are not judgmental.  We don't care about blame, only solutions.
  • We will do what is necessary to make the process as convenient as possible. Whether you use high-tech or no-tech, we will accommodate.
  • Our attitude is "can-do." Whether you are from Iowa City or far away, we'll give the same service.  (To date, our furthest filing was from Zanzibar in eastern Africa).
  • We do not assume persons with above-average incomes do not qualify for Chapter 7. We meet clients who say they have spoken to another attorney who too quickly concluded they would not qualify. Most persons we meet with higher incomes do qualify. We review the facts carefully before giving our opinion, and will provide that extra effort to provide a better outcome.
  • Your lawyer is present at every stage of the case, from consultation, to document signing, to court hearings.
  • We invite our clients back anytime they have questions or problems, even after the case is over.  Rarely is there an additional fee.
  • Taking our lawyer-centered approach even further, your lawyer usually prepares the bankruptcy petition and schedules himself to ensure he understands every detail of the case.
Our experience has shown us that these practices lead to better outcomes.  Our clients experience less stress when they know more about their case (and know their lawyer understands their case) and get more one-on-one advice from their lawyer.  And we feel the satisfaction of a job well done.

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