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Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counselors

Anyone with debt problems would likely benefit from talking to a reputable debt counselor, so we recommend this.  Also, in order to file a bankruptcy case, a person must first complete a session of pre-bankruptcy credit counseling from an approved debt counseling agency.  Following are some we like, and a link to find other available agencies.  Counseling can be done via the internet or in person.

Horizons www.horizonsfamily.org/consumercreditcounseling.asp  This is a local agency, located in Cedar Rapids and Coralville/Iowa City.  They are available for pre-bankruptcy counseling in-person.  We recommend Horizons for persons who want face-to-face counseling and money management advice.
Online credit counseling is a good option for persons who have busy schedules and can't meet a counselor during normal business hours.  A low-cost ($36.00) and effective counseling agency is Cricket Debt Counseling.  Cricket's website is found here.
The following are some additional agencies available by internet:

CCCS of Atlanta www.cccsatl.org/

Hummingbird www.hummingbird.org/

Money Management International www.moneymanagement.org/

Other approved counselors can be found at http://www.justice.gov/ust/eo/bapcpa/ccde/CC_Files/CC_Approved_Agencies_HTML/cc_iowa/cc_iowa.htm
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The Des Moines Court location: www.mapquest.com/mq/7-Byt3

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